Axe throwing is a rapidly growing sport in the UK and can be hired for your events.

Axe throwing has increased in popularity since its introduction to the UK nearly 25 years ago, making it an ideal activity to hire for your event.

On Targett Events Ltd was one of the first businesses recognised by the UK Knife, Axe & Tomahawk Throwing Association (KATTA) and we are proud to be life members.

Our instructors are all trained to association standards to keep the sessions safe and to give guests the best chance of achieving a “stick”. It’s one of our most addictive activities.
We use specially designed training “angel” axes, Norse tomahawks and JT throwing knives at competition specification wood rounds, with our equipment even appearing on TV’s Storage Hunters!

axe throwing hire Axe throwing for corporate and social event


  • Sessions start with a welcome and safety brief before guests begin throwing our training “angel” axes before moving onto the trickier knives. Guests then choice of throwing either during their turn. Then it’s time for a step back to throw the Norse tomahawks.
  • Sessions usually conclude with the mountain man competition, throwing a selection of all three blade types with the winner being the one with the most still stuck in the target at the end!
  • Sessions can be tailored in both content and duration to suit your event.


  • No. of users – Dependant on sessions, age etc. Suitable for large groups.
  • Age Restrictions – Min 8yrs
  • Space Required (WxD) – 15m x 20m
  • Indoors – No
  • Outdoors – Yes

For outdoor throwing, we require a large flat expanse of short cut grass with no obstructions.

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