Hire Laser Clay Shooting for you event. No noise, no mess, no fuss!

Using a Lasersport Laser Clay system up to 5 people at a time can shoot at any time. Targets launched from an automatic clay trap giving a consistent results. When the trigger of the converted shotgun is pulled, the digital scoreboard generates the shotgun sound effect and if the clay or target is hit, the sound of a breaking clay is produced. 100% authentic, except no kick-back, its safe and we can operate in confined venues.

One of the main advantages over traditional clay is that the software can produce several different styles of games to play.

Laser clay shooting Oxford


  • After a welcome and introduction to the equipment, guests are split into groups of 5 and try their hand at the different shooting games available.
  • Once the practice is completed its competition time, shooting it out for High Gun!
  • Sessions can be tailored in both content and duration to suit your event
  • Want tot try the real thing? Take a look at out Clay Pigeon Shooting experiences


  • No. of users – Dependant on sessions, age etc.
  • Age Restrictions – Min 8yrs
  • Space Required (WxD) – 30m x 15m
  • Indoors – Yes (with prior consent)
  • Outdoors – Yes

For outdoor shooting, we require a flat expanse of grass with no obstructions. For indoor shooting we would need to confirm suitability of the venue.

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