Combat Archery allows you to hunt your opponents using foam tipped arrows to be crowned victor!

Using Foam tipped arrows, arm guards and face masks for safety, there is none of the pain or mess associated with paintball. Teams can fire directly at the opposition to score a hit or incorporate a 5-spot foam target to win the game!

With a vast array of games our experienced instructors can tailor the session to your aims, fun, team building or world domination, fast paced or strategic – the choice is yours!

Combat Archery


  • After a welcome and safety brief from the instructor, guests will be given a short demonstration on the equipment. A quick practice at loading and firing the bows gives the guests their only chance to have a shot at the instructor!
  • Its then time to don the protective equipment and enter the tournament field. Once the whistle blows, it’s a race to see who can tag their opposing team the fastest!
    Sessions can be tailored in both content and duration to suit your event.
  • Why not combine Combat Archery and Aerial Archery for a more immersive experience?


  • No. of users – Dependant on sessions, age etc. Suitable for large groups.
  • Age Restrictions – Min 8yrs
  • Space Required (WxD) – 25m x 40m
  • Indoors – Yes
  • Outdoors – Yes

For outdoor games, we require a large flat expanse of short cut grass. Obstructions can be incorporated into the game if they are deemed safe by our instructor.

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